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My Aim

As a public speaker my aim is to help as many students, young adults and adults in schools, colleges, community centres, youthreach and adults in the work place across the counties of Ireland, to learn about the cruelty and heartache online bullying can effect another human being.

The unnecessary damaging effects it can have on even the strongest. No one can ever truly know whats going on in someone else’s mind. When someone makes you feel worthless, when someone takes away you confidence, your energy, your smile or even worse your life.

My talk is about the devastating effects on the family losing a loved one by suicide, due to pointless hell caused by people, just because they can.

My talk is about coco’s law. A law I brought in on the 9th February 2021 to make online bullying a criminal offence. Where trolls can now be charged for destroying many victims in Ireland.

Nicole Coco Fox Fenlon

Coco's Story

I Choose Life

As a speaker I take the opportunity to speak with people through real life experience. The response from students and teachers in incredible. Standing up telling people about what happened to my daughter is hard. l have been blunt and brutally honest. I’ve been through the most soul destroying , gut wrenching experience that some could only imagine but guess what “I CHOOSE LIFE”. If i can do that and achieve in educating you today then you guys can achieve anything that is thrown at you in life … I’m still here, I’m still standing because I asked for help and asking for help isn’t a weakness, it’s one of the most powerful strenghts each and every one of us have.

Speaking Opportunities

Motivational Speaker

Just some of the many schools I have talked in…

Activist for coco's law

I have spoken on tv, radio, newspapers, social media, in the dail.


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Some Feedback

“Today our tys heard Jackie Fox tell her truly heartbreaking story about how her daughter lost her life due to bullying. It is so important that we think before we speak or post online and remember that you never know whats going on in someone else’s life or mind, thanks a million Jackie Fox”

Colaiste Mhuire

“Delighted to have Jackie Fox with the tys and 5th years today to tell the story of her beautiful daughter Nicole’s bullying and harassment and her legacy coco’s law”

Beneavin De Le Selle

Coco’s law was commenced, with a memorandum about coco and how she inspired the new law “Nicole’s name is in the Irish Statue Book . Her memorandum is attached to the legislation”

Minister Helen McEntee

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